with the Holidays over and normal schedules returning, January is a great time to explore new things!!

  1. How about a great Wintery Wonderland Sensory Box? Visit https://whereimaginationgrows.com/winter-wonderland-sensory-box/ for more details on how to build this great box!!
  2. How about a building project for your Rocket Obsessed Kid? Here are directions – https://lalymom.com/diy-rocket-ship-toy/
  3. How about a little help cleaning up their rooms? Here is a great bulldozer craft for those kids obsessed with heavy machinery!! https://lalymom.com/cardboard-crafts-diy-bulldozer-blade-toy/
  4. Here is a great Name Craft that can be expanded in a variety of ways! https://fun-a-day.com/name-snowmen/
  5. Need a game that will use up that extra energy? Here is a great snowman toss game that will keep them working for a while!! http://frogsandsnailsandpuppydogtail.com/snowman-ball-toss-game/


Need something else to do to keep your kids engaged?? Head to the nearest Library and grab some good books!!

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